This past month we’ve constantly been talking about hydrogen, its potential and the fact that we believe it is the fuel of the future. However, we also want to emphasize that our hydrogen-powered sweeper 500H2 can be used in any city in the world since it is a solution for cities that want to go green, not cities that have hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. 😊 Want to learn more? Read on.

GM 500 H2 was first introduced to the world on November 11th and we couldn’t be prouder of our latest innovative product since it’s a real game changer. 500 H2 is the world’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell sweeper and it is 100% powered by hydrogen, making it literally the most eco-friendly sweeper in the world! The fuel cell in our 500H2 converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity that powers the sweeper and the only by-product is clean water. No harmful emissions whatsoever since hydrogen fuel is the cleanest one there is! Refuelling the tank takes just a few minutes and it’s the perfect solution for every city that has hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. But the biggest breakthrough with our 500H2 is that you can use it even if your city lacks H2 infrastructure. That means – YOU DON’T NEED HYDROGEN INFRASTRUCTURE TO USE OUR HYDROGEN SWEEPER! 😊 The 500 H2 comes in two types:

  1. Cartridge system with H2-PODS
  2. Fixed hydrogen tank system

The H2-POD solves the issue of having to invest in an expensive H2 fuelling infrastructure. The H2-POD is a flexible cartridge system that allows you to refill the machine whenever and wherever you want. So, there are no more excuses if you lack the H2-infrastructure, because the H2-POD offers you the solution to go green.

[Images: The H2-POD inside the 500H2]

Those who have an H2-infrastructure in place can opt for the 500H2 with an installed fixed tank, which allows the machine to be refueled in just a few minutes. This is a big advantage compared to batteries for instance, since batteries need hours to recharge. Green Machines is proud to offer you solutions to overcome hurdles that now belong to the past. The future has finally arrived.

 Fuel levels gauge in the 500H2

[Image: Fuel levels gauge in the 500H2]


In other words, the 500 H2 leaves you with no more excuses not to go green! It is a solution for every city that wants to go green and take part in the global endeavor to reduce the negative impact of human activity. It is high time we all took responsibility for our actions and started finding better and greener solutions. For any questions you may have, contact us here at