First impressions count. This does not only apply to people but also to towns, cities, and municipalities. Neat and tidy public green areas, roads and paths do not only contribute to a good image for visitors and the citizens, but they are also a sign of a city council that works perfectly. In order to leave this perfect first impression, we believe our green machines are the best choice and here’s why:

  • All of our sweepers are compact and swift enough to enable you to clean any urban area around the city with maximum efficiency, without worrying that they will disrupt your citizens. Our machines are purposefully designed in a way that does not impact the normal everyday functioning even of the busiest areas in your city. What’s more, their lightweight and unobtrusive design is perfect even for cleaning historic city centers without any negative impact on the surface they’re cleaning. Our research and direct customer feedback show a desire to embrace the use of smaller, more compact, more mobile and more environmentally-friendly sweepers due to the high weight of 2m3 sweepers that have a negative impact on the pavement, especially in these historic city centers. All of our machines offer the perfect solution to this problem!
  • Our portfolio comprises 5 machine models and each one is unique in its own way. We offer you a wide range of choices by providing solutions that others have yet to catch up to. As our esteemed Sales Manager Ivar Steen points it out regularly: “Who has hundreds of electric machines in operation for over a decade? Who has lithium-Ion technology experience for over a decade? Green Machines is the one and only. And now, as others sniff at electric, Green Machines moves ahead again with H2. Join us on a journey ahead of anyone else.” That being said, you can choose between five different machine models at Green Machines: GM1ze, GM 400, GM 500ze, GM 500H2 and GM 636. For more info about each of these machines visit our product section here at greenmachines.com/products. Whether you want a standard, electric or a hydrogen model – we have it all!
  • Here’s another reason why our green machines are the best choice: we care! Our relationship with you does not end with you purchasing one of our machines. We’ve been developing and producing sweeping machines for over 5 decades and we provide you with technical trainings, full support and service through our wide dealership network and our esteemed employees’ invaluable knowledge and expertise. You can always reach us at office@greenmachines.com whenever you need our assistance and we will make sure to direct you to the person who can take care of everything you need.
  • Our vision for the future is green. We’re committed to developing and producing innovative and sustainable green technology that will help you and your city go green, wherever you are in the world. That is our vision and we’re prepared to help you on this journey to make a change for your city and your people.

If you’re still not convinced that our green machines are the best choice, let us provide you with some additional information that could help you understand the benefits of owning one of our green machines. You can always reach us directly through the contact forms on our website www.greenmachines.com or send us an email at office@greenmachines.com. We’re looking forward to helping you and your city go green! 😊