In a time of global pandemic when we have more time than ever to just sit back and reflect on all our past mistakes and what we can do to create a better future for everyone, we as a company feel the responsibility to discuss a frequently asked question – why do we need eco sweepers?

At Green Machines we believe that too many large fossil fuel sweepers are being used to clean pedestrian areas, burning large amounts of fuel, while disrupting the citizens at the same time. We think it should be the other way around – do not disrupt the citizens and be as efficient and sustainable as possible. We also know that the 2m3 segment is the largest sweeper segment in Europe and many cities have traditionally used 2m3 machines to sweep their city centers. However, our research and direct customer feedback show a desire to embrace the use of smaller, more compact, more mobile, and more environmentally-friendly sweepers due to the heavyweight of 2m3 sweepers that have a negative impact on the pavement, especially in historic city centers. Our experience has shown us that the use of compact eco-friendly sweepers really is the solution for smart and green cities all across Europe and everywhere around the world. Our eco sweepers are perfectly designed to be almost invisible to the pedestrians and it is very difficult to hear them even when the whole city is silent.

Sometimes going green means, you are indeed paying a “green-fee” in the start-up phase, but despite that, we choose to lead the way in creating better and more sustainable solutions and we are confident that smart cities will follow us to lead by example. In the long run, the citizens of your city will notice the difference of using eco sweepers, too, through the air quality and lowered emissions. Even if you have achieved your CO2 emission targets, you can always do better. In most cities, air quality has indeed improved over the past decades. Nevertheless, current air quality still affects people’s health. In many global cities, air quality is a concern and it is therefore monitored around the clock. In most cities, industrial air pollution is or tends to be replaced by traffic-related air pollution. Air quality is therefore a common problem in almost all major cities. Problems like global warming, acid rain, and ozone depletion are well known but can seem remote from daily life in our cities. A more direct concern to citizens, health experts, and policy makers is the link between air quality and human health.

So, when someone asks us the question “why do we need eco sweepers?” the short and simple answer is “for the future.” And we produce these sweepers because we care about the future, we care about people’s health and we care about our planet. Are you ready to care about them as well?

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