Do you know that the 636 model is a fine dust hunter and gatherer? 😊 This is a really special sweeper with sophisticated design details and the ability to considerably reduce water consumption. The GM 636 cuts labor and maintenance costs, offers car-like ride comfort, intelligent one-touch switching between sweep and transit modes, maximum performance, and minimum waste volume. It comes with great accessories and can be upgraded to meet all your needs!

But the 636 model is more than just a fine dust hunter! It’s so innovative and unique that even Hollywood took notice of it and decided to feature it in a major sci-fi film – the third film from the Men in Black series! Yes, you can even see it in one of the trailers. It was almost 10 years ago when Barry Sonnenfeld was preparing the third film from the Men in Black series and our 636 model caught his attention so he decided to use it in his film. For this purpose, the 636 model got a brand-new elegant black color and a trailer was attached to it to transport the troublesome monster that caused Agent J (Will Smith) problems in the film. Amazing, we know! 😊

This machine is a direct result of many years of development and innovation and our patented water-saving atomizer that reduces water consumption by more than 70% can be seen in this machine. In our opinion, the 636 model is more than just a sweeper – it’s powerful, efficient, effective, and offers you everything you need to keep your streets clean. If this is not enough to convince you that everyone needs to have this Hollywood film star sweeping on their streets, please watch the short presentation video to see for yourself that the 636 model is a fine dust hunter and contact us here at if you have any questions! 😊