For many years now, we have aimed to contribute decisively towards cleaner and tidier towns and cities by providing efficient and sophisticated sweeping machines. Our current portfolio comprises 7 machine models and each one is unique in its own way. In the past year we introduced 3 new machine models, so with this blog we wanted to do an overview of our latest innovations. We offer you a wide range of choices by providing cleaning solutions that others have yet to catch up to.

The 3 new machine models that we introduced in the past year are GM 500H2, GM 200ze and GM 955! 😊 The numbers mean something in our portfolio and they are used to indicate the size of the machine compared to the others in the portfolio. For instance, the GM 200ze is smaller than the GM 500 H2, but the 500 H2 is smaller than the GM 955. In fact, GM 955 is our largest machine to date.

The GM 500 H2 was introduced last year in November. We initially planned its reveal for the IFAT trade fair, but the pandemic prevented us from doing that and we launched it completely digitally and it was a huge success! GM 500H2 is the world’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell sweeper. It’s small, compact, swift, offers superior cleaning and dust control and the same highly rated ergonomic design present in our 500ze! The 500H2 runs 100% on hydrogen which makes it operate with zero emissions and zero noise, just like the 500ze. The 500H2 can be used even if your city lacks H2 fueling infrastructure, since it comes in two types: 1. with a cartridge system that uses replaceable H2 PODS, perfect for cities lacking H2 fueling infrastructure; and 2. with a fixed hydrogen tank system that can be refilled in just a few minutes. This year we managed to organize quite a few tours for our 500 H2 and we presented the machine in France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany etc.

The GM 200ze was launched back in April this year. It is a fully electric two-wheel tool carrier. It can be used all year round, no matter the weather, both indoors and outdoors. The 200ze is not a city cleaning sweeper per se, but it can be! In fact, it can be anything you want! It has a universal attachment adaptor in the front that allows it to turn into anything you want, from snow plough, lawn mower, weed remover to a sweeper, beach cleaner, surface conditioner and many other things! The list is endless. The attachments were already out there, it was the 200ze that was missing.

And lastly, we launched the GM 955 less than two weeks ago! 😊 GM 955 is our first 6 m3 mechanical sweeper. But it’s more than that! It’s a mechanical sweeper supported by vacuum that combines the best of both worlds. The mechanical part of the system ensures collection of any waste, as large as car tires while the vacuum ensures collection of even the smallest dust particles. The vacuum that supports this mechanical sweeper reduces the PM10 dust emissions by up to 99% compared to air sweepers. In dry conditions high air flow of vacuum sweepers results in high dust emissions. With the 955 we get near zero dust emissions. This makes the GM 955 ideal for cities, airports, heavily polluted areas, deserts and many other places all around the world. On the other hand, since large heavy debris can be collected only by mechanical collection systems, the 955 is also ideal for industrial use. The net hopper of the 955 is 10% larger than that of its nearest competitor, making it more efficient than anything else present on the market. Plus, this machine is fitted with an industrial Mercedes Benz engine.

This was a brief overview of our latest innovations but of course there is so much more we can say about each one of these machines. They’re all unique and designed for a specific purpose, so please visit our product section here at to learn more about each product or feel free to send us an email at and ask us anything you want to know about our products!