Our 500 H2 continues to conquer Europe! 😊 Back in November 2020 we presented our 500 H2 for the first time completely digitally and since then we have managed to organize several tours around Europe to give people the chance to see this amazing sweeper in person. Our 500 H2’s tour in Germany is our latest success story and we’re happy that we managed to present it live to as many people as possible, despite all the restrictions and the difficulties we’ve been encountering this past year and a half.

As you already know, the 500 H2 is the world’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell sweeper and it runs 100% on hydrogen. It is one of the products we’re most proud of since it features groundbreaking technology that no one else has caught up to yet. After our highly successful French tour and Portuguese tour in the Municipality of Lisbon, Almada, Cascais and in the Algarve, it was time for a new tour in Germany! Our most recent tour was on the island of Borkum and the fun part is that this was our 500 H2’s first island visit! 😊 Our visit was also published in the local newspaper Borkumerleben where some fun facts about this beautiful island are shared.

Borkum wants to be emission-free by 2030 and in addition to many electric vehicles in the public and commercial sector, the use of green hydrogen technology is also an important piece of the puzzle in order to achieve the ambitious goal. At the initiative of Stadtwerke Director Axel Held, we presented our hydrogen-powered road sweeper on Borkum. The representatives from the technical service of Nordseeheilbad Borkum and the city of Borkum were able to get a firsthand experience of the machine’s operational capability in everyday use. For several years now, Borkum and the Dutch island of Ameland have been the locations of the “H2Watt” project, where emission-free technologies are developed and tested together with numerous other partners from the industry, local transport and businesses. The aim of the project is to prepare the economy on both sides of the border across sectors for the new requirements and potentials that result from the introduction of hydrogen technology. Our presentation was welcomed by the H2Watt consortium as well as by the representatives of the City of Borkum Group and they were pleased with what they saw.

It was our great pleasure to organize and do this tour on Borkum island because we didn’t only enjoy the beautiful summer atmosphere, but we also learned a lot about the eco plans and their great efforts to preserve the environment. The positive feedback we got on this tour was expected to say the least, but it was really nice to see people experience the 500 H2’s excellent performance in real life.

Scroll down to see the photos we took during our 500 H2’s tour in Germany and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the 500H2 or any other machine we have in our portfolio. Demos can always be scheduled, although right now it’s a little more challenging to organize them as fast as we could before the coronavirus, so make sure you contact us in time! 😊 Reach out to us through the contact forms at www.greenmachines.com or send us an email at office@greenmachines.com – we’d be happy to help you and your city go green!