As our customer you can rely on Green Machines’ first-class dealer network because part of becoming an official Green Machines dealer is that our dealers have the obligation to stock genuine Green Machines parts. This is why we needed to make sure everything runs smoothly and that we can provide quick delivery of our parts and accessories wherever necessary. With this blog we would like to officially announce that our global aftermarket moves to the UK and that we have decided to stop our operations in the aftermarket hub in Romania. We are constantly trying to find better solutions so everything can keep functioning well and without any problems and we believe that by consolidating all aftermarket activities and support to one location, we will achieve this.

Our UK Global Aftermarket Hub is based in Cumbernauld, Scotland and we are proud to have returned to the birthplace of Green Machines with this move. We officially opened the UK aftermarket hub on April 6th 2020 and although the facility was quickly put to the test with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, we have managed to keep everything under control. This new warehouse spans 4500 square feet / 420 m2 and the facility holds more than 1000 Stock Keeping Units covering all our product range.

This news that the global aftermarket moves to the UK is very good news because within the UK team we have over 40 years of experience of Green Machines aftermarket support available to handle any of your support queries. We are proud to be able to maintain a level of support throughout the pandemic and have put many safety measures in place to continue this support through these challenging times.

For any of your aftermarket needs please contact us via any of the following methods:



Telephone: +44 1324578880