Did you know that September 21st is Zero Emissions Day? 😊 The purpose of this day is to give our planet a break from fossil fuels and what they release into the air, at least for one day, every year. This encompasses greenhouse gasses, polluting substances, microparticles, and other things that are harming our planet. The importance of Zero Emissions Day is paramount because it aims to encourage the use of renewable energy sources, as opposed to finite fossil fuels. This day is especially important to us as a company since we’ve been working hard for decades to develop zero emissions technology that can be found in our very own GM1ze and 500ze machines (more info at, where the “ze” in their names stands for, you guessed it – zero emissions!

Zero Emissions Day has turned into a worldwide movement that aims to put the global 24-hour moratorium on the combustion of fossil fuels and everything started in 2008 when the founder Ken Wallace launched a website in Nova Scotia, Canada, calling for September 21st to be a day where no fossil fuels are consumed. The message was pretty simple – “Giving our planet one day off a year” and was translated into 12 languages for easy reach of people. The idea is that everyone gets a ‘rest day’ so why not give our planet rest from emissions and pollution?

We can use this day as an opportunity to raise awareness of the amounts of fossil fuels that are used worldwide every single day and share info about how each and every one of us could minimize our carbon footprint on this day and in the long run. We can all start by minimizing or eliminating the use of electricity generated by fossil fuels and learn the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, rot, recycle. Avoid single-use plastics and paper products, buy only things you really need, find a way to reuse items by repairing or upcycling them, set a compost system for food scraps, and properly recycle any plastic, paper, glass, and metal.

The importance of Zero Emissions Day is immense since this movement has everyone’s best interest at heart – we can all start making small changes that will contribute to making the world a better place and help preserve life on our planet.