The coronavirus pandemic and the environment

The coronavirus pandemic and the environment are one of the most frequently discussed topics these past few months. The pandemic now shaking the globe illustrates the importance of maintaining natural lands to separate animal and human activity, preserving the environment, and taking responsibility for our actions. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically disrupted supply chains and production worldwide and some companies have partly or totally suspended their commercial activities for an indefinite period.

Currently, there are over 16 million coronavirus cases recorded and more than 600.000 deaths caused by COVID-19. These gruesome numbers predict an eerie scenario for many economies, businesses, and families but they are also a very important warning that we must take seriously. The uncontrolled human activity with deforestation, soil degradation, air pollution, and many other factors have contributed to the emergence of this virus. Whether we like it or not, this pandemic is not something that we could not have predicted since it is a direct result of our negligent actions.

The world hit “pause” once the coronavirus outbreak hit Europe and the Americas. We know that carbon emissions have sharply fallen during lockdown everywhere, there was clear water in canals in once-bustling urban areas, blue skies appeared in severely polluted cities and wild animals started roaming the city streets and visited the once crowded coastlines. The oil industry and airlines also stopped their activity and carbon emissions were falling fast.

But there is also a large quantity of food going to waste and the radical changes to daily life that we are seeing now are not going to last forever. That means that even though we will see a massive fall this year, the concentrations of CO2 that are in the atmosphere and warming our planet will not stabilize until the world reaches net-zero.

History tells us that when emissions have fallen sharply in the past, for instance after recessions, there is often a rocketing rebound that wipes out any short-term cut in emissions. This is another reason why we should be careful and keep in mind the possibility of a steep rise in emissions happening once the economies reopen. We must act now and start working towards building a better and more sustainable future for everyone everywhere. If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it is that we can survive in conditions different than those we grew accustomed to, especially during this past decade. We can travel less, spend more time with our family, work from home, buy less and create more ourselves, and above all – it taught us that there is nothing more important than our health.

That is why this pandemic motivates us to become even better at developing superior eco-friendly products since this has been our mission for decades. We strive to develop and produce these eco-friendly products that contribute to cleaner and greener cities everywhere around the world through our wide dealership network. This year, even though it is one of the most difficult years we have all faced in a long time, we plan to introduce new technological advancements that will be even more eco-friendly and will be real game-changers on the market.

We believe that any change, no matter how small, will make a difference. So, start now, educate yourself and start looking for better options to make your city green. Get in touch with us – we will provide any information you need and we will be more than happy to help your city go green!