Green Machines (GM Sweepers UK Ltd) are proud to announce we have been awarded to be part of the YPO 1066 Alternative Fuelled Vehicles DPS, the new dynamic purchasing system.

Green Machines’ products have been in production since 1965 and has developed throughout this time producing the first 100% Lithium battery powered sub compact sweeper (GM500ze and GM500ze+) and in 2020 launched the first Hydrogen powered sub compact sweeper (GM500H2). We plan to continue to develop alternative-fuelled sweepers and multitool carriers to support the public sector on their mission to achieve net-zero emissions.

Green Machines’ International Director Guido Wagenmans said: “We are proud that Green Machines has been awarded to be part of the Framework and Green Machines will keep developing alternative-fuelled products because it is our mission to help our environment and do our part in the decarbonization process.
If we’re to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, we need all the green technology we can get and that is why our portfolio has some of the best eco-friendly products you could find on the market.”