Green Machines is a global leader with a world-class reputation in creating innovative and technologically advanced outdoor city cleaning equipment. Our sweepers incorporate more than 50 years of continuous product improvements and innovation so it is no wonder that once again we’re leading the way by introducing a new revolutionary and eco-friendly technology that will make blue the new green. And you already know that blue stands for hydrogen! 😊

The only blue sweeper (in both appearance and fuel) in our portfolio is the latest groundbreaking innovation – the GM 500 H2 which is 100% powered by hydrogen and also the world’s first-ever hydrogen fuel cell sweeper. We choose to lead, not to follow, because we believe that it is our duty as a socially responsible company to initiate the use of cleaner solutions and greener technology. Our hydrogen fuel cell sweeper is the first of its kind and we believe that it will entice others to think about the greener options that can help our future become more sustainable.

Blue is the new green because we need to think beyond battery-powered vehicles, we need to think further in the future. We need to predict the use of available resources and think about the ways we could use renewables to develop greener technology. Blue is the new green because hydrogen is the cleanest fuel and we agree with Dr. Fatih Birol that “Hydrogen is today enjoying unprecedented momentum. The world should not miss this unique chance to make hydrogen an important part of our clean and secure energy future.” The number of countries with polices that directly support investment in hydrogen technologies is increasing, along with the number of sectors they target. There are numerous targets, mandates and policy incentives in place today that directly support hydrogen, with the majority focused on transport.

Hydrogen is a zero emissions fuel and it can be produced from green, renewable resources. It is non-toxic and because hydrogen is much lighter than air, it dissipates rapidly when it is released, allowing for relatively rapid dispersal of the fuel in case of a leak. Besides being used in 1959 in a fuel cell to send people to the moon (yes, this is true! 😊) hydrogen can today be used in much the same way as natural gas – it can be delivered to fuel cells to generate electricity and heat, used in a combined cycle gas turbine to produce larger quantities of centrally produced electricity or burned to run a combustion engine; all methods producing no carbon or methane emissions. In each case hydrogen is combined with oxygen to form water. This is also one of its most important advantages as hydrogen fuel is environmentally friendly. No other by-products are formed but clean water.

If you’re still not convinced that blue is the new green, contact us here at and let us help you understand the advantages of owning a hydrogen-powered city cleaning sweeper and how it can help your city go green. 😊